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The history of Jolliman is a tale of legacy, dedication, and evolution. It all began with the vision of Jack "Jolliman" Frawley, who sought to create a hassle-free shopping experience for the older generation by providing high-quality clothing at fair and honest prices. In the early days, Jack opened a small store in Worthing, West Sussex, where he laid the foundation for what would become a beloved British institution.

Throughout the years, Jolliman grew in popularity, earning the trust and loyalty of customers who appreciated the brand's commitment to value for money and excellent products. Jack's dedication to his customers' needs and preferences helped establish a strong and enduring connection with the community, solidifying Jolliman's position in the market.

However, as time went on, the business landscape changed, and Jolliman faced the challenges of an evolving market. To ensure the brand's continuity and growth, a significant transition occurred as Jolliman came under new ownership. A well-established UK traditional manufacturing company, with over 40 years of experience, took the reins of Jolliman. This move brought in fresh perspectives, resources, and expertise to carry the legacy of Jack "Jolliman" Frawley forward.

The new owners were committed to preserving the essence of Jolliman's founding principles and maintaining its British heritage. They recognised the importance of honouring the loyal customers who had put their trust in the Jolliman brand for over 70 years. With their extensive manufacturing background, they were able to continue offering excellent value for money clothing and accessories, ensuring that Jolliman remained true to its roots.

Under the new ownership, Jolliman thrived, adapting to changing market trends while staying true to its core values. The brand embraced new technologies and modern retail practices, enhancing the shopping experience for customers both at home via mail order and online. Yet, throughout all the changes, the focus on delivering great quality clothing at honest prices never wavered.

As the years passed, Jolliman continued to evolve and expand its reach, attracting new generations of customers while maintaining its cherished relationship with the older ones. The brand's commitment to good honest shopping endured, making Jolliman a trusted name in the world of fashion.

Looking ahead, the owners were determined to shape another seventy years of success, building on the foundations laid by Jack "Jolliman" Frawley. With a rich history and a strong sense of purpose, Jolliman was poised to embrace the future while cherishing the values that had made it an enduring British institution.

In summary, the history of Jolliman is a testament to the power of vision and dedication. From a small store in Worthing to a well-loved British institution, the brand's journey reflects a commitment to providing great quality clothing, honest prices, and a hassle-free shopping experience. Under new ownership and guided by a 40+ year UK traditional manufacturing company, Jolliman continued to thrive, preserving its legacy and preparing for a bright future ahead.

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